Program settings

In this section, you can control which data a trainee has to fill in before starting the program.

Add his or her personnel number (default: off)When you have this setting enabled, a trainee must enter his/her personnel number before starting the program. This might be useful if you want to connect the reports from TrainTool to your personnel database.

Choose a coach (default: off): With this setting enabled, a trainee can choose a coach from the list of coaches.

Select a reporting group (default: off)When you enable this setting, a trainee can select his/her own reporting group. This is useful if, for example, you want to compare training results accross departments. You can ask the trainee to choose his/her own department.

Mandatory peer feedback (default: 0): When peer feedback is turned on, you have the option to set a minimum amount of peer feedback that users will have to give/ask before allowed to complete.