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Enroll trainees (manually)

When your Role Play program is finished (the Role Plays have been added and are divided over weeks), the trainees can be added*. You can do this by following the steps described below.

* Tip: Trainees can also add themselves through a public link that you can send to trainees. The steps for creating a public link for a program are described on this page.

Note: When you want to be able to filter trainees per reporting group, it is important to first ask TrainTool support to add the reporting groups to your account. After that, trainees can be directly linked to their respective reporting group when being added to a program.

  1. Click on Trainees in the Role Play program

By clicking on Trainees, you will be able to see how many trainees there are in the program. The first time, this area will be empty, like in the image below. After enrolling trainees, they will appear in the list.

  1. Click on add

By clicking on add in the right upper corner, you will get to a screen where trainees can be enrolled. Copy a list of e-mail addresses in the field e-mail addresses, separated by a comma. 

It is possible to add a big group of trainees and assign them to a coach. To do so, make an Excel document with the following columns:

email user | first name | last name | email coach

Select all columns and copy them by 'Edit' => 'Copy'.

Then go to the field where you add new trainees and paste the information from Excel by clicking the right mouse button and selecting 'Paste'.

Then, choose the trainees’ language below this field (Dutch or English). The e-mails and pages in TrainTool will be shown to them in this language.

  1. Click on add

After you have added the trainees, click on add. The trainees will be enrolled in the program. They will not yet receive an e-mail with log-in details and an invitation. These will be sent when the trainees are invited.

When the first day of the program has arrived, the trainees can be invited! Do this by:

  1. Going to the Role Play program that you want to launch.

You will get to the program by clicking on Programs in the menu and then clicking on the program. You will be able to see what trainees you’re going to invite by clicking on Trainees.

  1. Clicking on Start

In the right upper corner, there is a Start button. Click on it, and a pop-up will appear where you can confirm that you want to start the program. The trainees will then receive an invitation to start the program and to make an account and set a password. They can log in to TrainTool in the app or in their browser on a laptop/computer to start the program!