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Enroll trainees (Public link)

Enrolling in TrainTool Training Programs through a Public Link: Here's How!

TrainTool offers the possibility to enroll participants through a specific link. This link is also referred to as 'public page'. The steps to do this are the following:

Note: When it is needed that trainees can choose their own reporting group when enrolling, such that you have the ability to filter trainees per reporting group, it is important to first ask TrainTool support to add the reporting groups to your account.

1. Go to the program and click on Settings.

2. Scroll down, here you will find all kinds of settings:

Check Allow public sign up. Do not forget to hit Save in the top right!


3. TrainTool has now generated a public site for the training, also called a self-enrolment link.

If you share that link, anyone who follows it, is automatically enrolled in the training program!


It is also possible to set-up a start date. This means that everyone that enrolls through that link, will get the same start date. To make a self-enrolment link with a startdate, click on 'New self-enrolment link'.


Let trainees choose their coach and/or reporting group

If it is necessary that trainees choose their own coach and/or reporting group at enrollment, you can add that information at the 'Require information from trainees' section. That looks as follows:

Under 'Choose a coach' you can enter the names of the coaches where the trainees should pick from. Don't forget to turn 'Choose a coachon and save!

For reporting groups it is easiest to select the setting as shown above, after which you can enter all the groups between the which the trainees can pick.