The quality of my recorded videos is bad

Troubleshooting Video Issues

We recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as your webbrowser while using TrainTool.
TrainTool works best with these browsers.

Does your recorded video have any of the following issues?

  • Video stalls - and then continues. 
  • Green pixels.
  • Stuttering
  • Bad sound

Please check the following:

  • Close and quit all other applications. 
  • Check your internet connection: make sure you're not downloading or uploading anything.
  • Do not run the video exercise fullscreen - click the square in the top right corner after you started
  • Try a different browser, for example Google Chrome.

Still no luck? 

To be able to help you effectively, please run a speedtest and send us the results. Please also include an example of your saved video; also tell us which course, which module and which exercise you tried.