Customize and remove Role Plays and Segments

For more visual information, see this video!

Role plays

In the role play itself, you will recognize the following elements. 
Note! Competencies/assessment criteria are not included in this. For this, see this link!

Note! Before you make adjustments to the program, check this checklist to make sure nothing goes wrong!

Select an RP. In this case, for example, 'Miscommunication'. You do this by clicking on the image.

The following screen then opens. This contains a number of elements. These are numbered in the image.

1. The title.
2. The preparation. Below is more explanation of the preparation
3. Situation and the assignment. Here you provide the context and purpose of the assignment.
4. Here is the assignment video. You may want to download it or upload your own video if you have one available.
5. Here you can optionally change the question to a multiple choice question. Students then do not have to record for the assignment.
6. Here you can optionally create an Audio-only assignment. Consider simulating a phone call.
7. If you want the students to practice with a particular text, you may want to add the Autocue here. This will then appear slowly on the screen for the students to practice.
8. When you have made changes, you can save them here. It is important that you always do this!


In the preparation you can put the theory of the material. This is then shown before the students actually practice the material.

1. Unfolding the theory. There is space here for instructional videos, text, attachments and practice questions.
2. The instructional video. Here you can put a video explaining the theory.
3. Any textual explanations or support for the video can be placed here.
4. If an attachment was added in the introduction, it can be linked here
5. There is the option to set two examples or practice questions. These can be sample interactions or multiple choice questions. If you choose a multiple choice question, it is important to mark at least 1 answer as "correct". Answers can also be provided with a reaction video if, for example, you want to highlight the effect of a particular response.

Deleting role plays

You can also copy or delete a role play in the program overview. If you move your mouse over the role play, a small arrow appears. Clicking on it will bring up a new menu where you can delete, copy or edit the role play.


Segments can also be thought of as "weeks". Segments are actually a group of role plays. These have a start date, and possibly a deadline. The start date determines when a task becomes available, depending on the participant's start date. For example, a segment may become available in the third week from the participant's enrollment.

It can also be specified whether a segment is a practice or assessment segment. Recordings in an assessment segment are sent to the coach to be reviewed, while practice segments are for practice only. These can therefore be made as many times as desired, while assessment segments have a limit of 2 attempts, so that the participant cannot prepare too well for the exercise.

In addition, you can choose to make a segment mandatory. This means that the next segment will not become available until the current segment is fully completed.

Delete segment

Segments can also be deleted, but only if all role plays have been removed from them.