Reporting groups

Understanding Reporting Groups

What is a Reporting Group?

Participants, Coaches, Account Administrator and Program Administrator belong to a Reporting group. This can be the entire account of the organization, but it can also be a sub-part of the organization. The permissions of the users only apply within the Reporting group. As an Account Administrator, you can manage and edit all programs within the Reporting Group.

Create reporting group

You will find the Reporting group settings under the Account tab and then click on Reporting group.

Here you can create reporting groups with the red button. You can also adjust the current groups here using the pencil on the right behind the group.

If you press the New group button, the following window will appear.

Here you can enter the title of the new group and also the subgroup. Each group must have a subgroup, except the top level group. That top-level group contains all the participants of the account.

Link reporting group

If you want to add participants to the program, you go back to the same overview as described above. Then click on one of the reporting groups with participants. You will then see a participant overview, where you can select participants and assign a reporting group. You can also access this overview by clicking on Users and then Participants .

Then select the participants you want to assign to a reporting group. Then click on Assign reporting group. A new window will appear where you can select the reporting group or create a new one.

If you then click on assign reporting group this will be executed and the participant(s) will be part of the selected reporting group.