Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Service Levels and System Requirements for TrainTool Clients

Service Levels

TrainTool's services are certified in the field of information security (ISO27001). The application is hosted at TRUE B.V.. This is an environment that has all the benefits of cloud hosting, but it is fully owned and managed by TRUE B.V. and it is located on Dutch territory. TRUE's hosting services are certified (ISO 27001) in the field of information security.




During office hours


Level 1 - Critical

System not operational

< 4 hours

< 2 business days

Level 2 - Disruptive

Systeem operational in a limited or decreasing manner

< 8 hours

< 5 business days

Level 3 - Low urgency / support question

System fully operational

< 16 hours

to be determined in consultation

System uptime is > 99.9%, see also


Updates and maintenance with prior notice

Incidents that occur during updates and maintenance which were announced beforehand do not count as an incident as included in the SLA. These updates take place outside office hours.

Non-culpable incidents

If it turns out that a disruptive error was caused by a user beyond the control of TrainTool, this does not count as an incident as included in the SLA.

Security updates

Updates carried out for security reasons will never be seen as an incident as described in the SLA.

Custom mutations

If the client requests specific, custom mutations to the web application, the terms and conditions (regarding delivery, maintenance and support) will be determined in consultation.

Aberrent resolve time

In case of limited human resource capacity, TrainTool has the right to deviate from the resolve times as stated above. The following conditions apply:

1. the client will receive a notice by email 5 business days in advance

2. the resolve times can be extended with a maximum of 5 business days




An 'incident' occurs when a client notifies TrainTool of a level 1, 2, or 3 situation.

Response time/resolve time

(during office hours)

The response time is the time until TrainTool confirms the incident. The resolve time starts then and ends when the incident has been reported as solved by TrainTool.

Office hours

Monday to Friday from 09:00 (9 AM) to 17:00 (5 PM) GMT+1, with the exception of Dutch national holidays.

Backups and maximum data loss during an emergency

At least every 24 hours a backup is made of all user data that is present in the web application. The backups are made between 00:00 and 06:00 (GMT+1) and are saved on multiple locations, spread over multiple servers located on Dutch territory. Thus, the maximum data loss during an incident is 24 hours.

Intellectual property rights

TrainTool B.V. provides the web application and optionally supplies supporting (video) material. The intellectual ownership of content that has been supplied by the client or their users, remains with the author of that content.


Reports on compliance with this SLA are available to the client on request.


We have the following routes for communication between customer/participant and Faculty of Skills:

  • Operational: via the support desk (chat, email, telephone)
  • Tactical: periodic consultation with the project team (at least once a quarter)
  • Strategic: consultation between client and learning consultant (account manager), at least annually


System requirements

You can find our article about the system requirements here.