SURFconext sign-on for universities

Setting Up SURFconext Authentication for TrainTool: User and Configuration Guide

When your organization uses SURFconext as authentication method, it is possible to set up a connection with TrainTool.

How does this work for users (students and employees)

How to configure SURFconext for TrainTool


How does this work for users (students and employees)

Step 1: The user can use the login for education via the URL

Step 2: When the user clicks on the link they are redirected to an authentication page of SURFconext.

Step 3: If the user is authenticated, they will be redirected and signed into TrainTool.


How to configure SURFconext for TrainTool

 To configure SURFconcext for TrainTool, the following steps have to be taken:

- TrainTool has to add your Home Organisation to the system.

- You have to allow TrainTool on your dashboard. This SURFconext documentation (Dutch) explains how to do this.