Clearing any doubts with trainees

A new training method often goes hand in hand with some resistance. Below you will find frequent comments with arguments that will, hopefully, put them at ease.

I feel silly talking to a screen.

Talking to a screen can be a little bit awkward, but services like Facetime and Skype have integrated this into our life. It asks for a little imagination, but when you push yourself, you will see that you will get used to it quickly. Next to this, it’s very informative to record yourself. You can reflect on your performance in this way.

I miss interaction.

TrainTool doesn’t try to simulate a talk from A to Z, or to replace a conversation. TrainTool zooms in on techniques that you can apply in conversations. In this way you build a repertoire of techniques that you can use during a conversation or presentation.

I’m not good with apps/computers.

If you don’t use a computer and if you don’t have a smartphone or tablet, TrainTool will take some getting used to. But we have structured the app in such a way that using it will be very intuitive. If you have any problems, ask another trainee to help you. You can always contact our support team via +31(0)30-8906555 or, they will often be able to help you right away.

I don’t want to share my recordings.

You can ask others for feedback on your recordings, this is your own choice. You can decide for every recording if you want to share it or not. Feedback can help you to develop your skills and next to this, it’s very informative to see other trainees doing the exercise. You will learn more together!

I don’t trust it, you never know where these recordings can end up.

Only friends that you trust and that you have added yourself can see the recordings that you share. They cannot download the recordings and they are ought to handle them discretely. TrainTool has been ISO certified, which means that TrainTool complies to all security and privacy requirements and that we take good care of it.

I get more out of face-to-face training sessions with a coach.

That is possible. However, it’s not always possible to use face-to-face training sessions. TrainTool can be a good alternative. Next to this, you can choose where and when you train and you can practice as much as is necessary, without other people watching you.

I've been working here for so long, I know what I'm doing.

This is a logical reaction when you have been doing your job well for years. However, it's always good to freshen up skills that you already have. It can help to refine your skills even more. Next to this, it's useful to learn from each other. When you share your recordings with someone who hasn't been working at your organization as long, they can really learn from this. When you see recordings from others, this also can give you new insights.