Alix - AI coach

What is Alix and how does it work

Alix is an application of artificial intelligence that allows participants to receive comprehensive, substantive feedback on their video role play in TrainTool within a minute. Coaches spend much less, if any, time giving feedback as a result.
Alix understands what students are saying, even if they use slightly different words than in the model. The focus is not on keywords, but on the actual meaning. The models are constantly being improved based on student feedback.

Feedback handled by Alix

Where to assign a coach to give (additional) feedback

The students do not have to be linked to a human coach. You can also choose to do link to coaches with the participants if you as a coach (teacher) want to monitor what kind of feedback the students received from Alix. It may happen that Alix is not able to analyze the recording, for example in the case of recordings with poor sound quality or a poorly understood answer. In that case, the feedback request can be assigned to a coach by an administrator, and in case a coach is already linked to the participant, the request will automatically reach this coach.

Alix's feedback

In addition to automatic feedback, you can also choose assisted Alix on tests: this means that the coach receives the feedback request with the feedback already completed, but the coach can still make adjustments where necessary. After the check, the coach sends the feedback to the participant.