Video explanation of coach and admin environment

Below, a video can be found to help with understanding the coach and admin environments within TrainTool. English subtitles are available by clicking on the subtitle icon, next to the settings cog.  

Explanation of Coach and Admin Environment Video


Timestamps per subject:

0:00 Usage of your TrainTool account

0:15 Roles - coach/admin 0:28 Coach:

0:30 Assess and feedback requests

1:56 Reviews

2:10 Trainee's progress

2:26 Insightful peer feedback


2:48 Program admin:

2:54 Dashboard

3:00 Programs

3:12 Edit content

4:06 Adjust layout, planning and settings

4:43 Planning in absolute data

5:19 Disable/enable coaching per exercise

5:39 Delete role plays

5:58 Trainee management - adding, reporting groups, starting, coach assigning

6:59 Enroll trainees using trainees list

7:53 Enroll trainees using self-enrollment link

8:45 Trainee management - sending a private message and closing enrollments

9:15 Reports - progress, scores, feedback, satisfaction, coach reporting

10:48 Support - helpdesk, contact