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Report Pages

Insightful Program Reports

A program in Traintool contains several reports that provide insight into the activity of participants. These can be viewed by selecting the program in TrainTool, and then clicking on 'Reports'. The different reports are briefly explained below.


The progress report provides insight into the progress of the participants in the program. You will find the percentages of participants per status 'Finished', 'On track', 'Behind', 'Missed deadline' and 'Not started'. Below you will find an overview on participant level with the progress data such as 'Status' and how many Role Plays the participant has completed. Filtering can be done on each category.

The progress report can be exported to Excel. See the following article for this.

This page is only visible if the program contains an assessment.  The score report gives an overview of the average scores of the whole group and the scores on participant level. The scores are based on the coach assessment and/or on self-assessment. This page consists of the overall score on an assessment and the score per competence.

Peer feedback 
This report also shows if participants ask for or give peer feedback. At the top you will find the summary of the amount of feedback requested and received.

Feedback requested: the number of Role Plays a participant has requested feedback on.
Feedback received: the number of times a participant has received feedback from a friend.
Feedback requests received: the number of times a participant has been asked for feedback by a friend.
Feedback given: the number of times a participant has given feedback via the timeline.

Note: Participants can also receive feedback from coaches, this feedback is not counted here.

Participants are asked the question, "How educational do you find this program in TrainTool?" They can give a rating from 1 to 10 and elaborate on their rating. In the satisfaction report you can see what percentage of participants who have given a review are satisfied(6+), delighted(8+) or dissatisfied(5-). Below that you see the anonymous reviews with their respective grade and explanation.