Creating an adaptive learning environment

TrainTool is an adaptive learning environment for a trainee in two ways:

A) Trainees decide their own training speed

The Role Play structure stimulates adaptive learning in the following ways:

  • While doing a Role Play, a trainee can see the situation and assignment right away. Then, they can decide whether or not to go through the (theoretical) preparation, depending on how difficult or easy they think the assignment is.
  • After doing the exercise, the trainee has direct insight in their performance because of self appraisal quesions. Based on this, they can decide to retry the exercise, or to have a look at the theory (again).

In traditional e-learning, a trainee gets to see all the content and they won't know directly if the recording was good. In this way, a trainee has a more personal learning environment in TrainTool.

B) Program based on a baseline test

The learning trajectory can be personalized further by using a baseline test. This gives the trainee insight in their competence levels. Based on the results, the trainee can choose a program as a logical continuation. Are you considering this set-up? Discuss the details with your project or account manager.